Secure mailbox

Hi everybody, 

The great news for me that i have found today in my mailbox was the invite from Lavaboom mail server. I subscribed few month ago and actually forget about it. Until today when i received invitation.



To be full complete for someone who are in “tank” and also to extend this little post i will quote official text:

Lavaboom is a zero-knowledge email provider, the first of its kind. It is highly secure and incredibly easy to use. Lavaboom encrypts user data client-side and sends encrypted emails by default.


The registration process is a little different than common process we are used. So, be careful while reading wizard. After all steps are completed and login into mailbox, it will display very clear web interface. Interface is simple. Take my personal plus for it. including Simple settings, only important things.

The initial storage is 1 GB, that is good for the beginning. I suppose there is a way to extend storage but actually cannot found info about it. Anyway, if you know and understand why you are using this service, 1 GB will be enough. 


And remember, once you forget your password you will never recovery it -> logically you will lost your mailbox.